Hi and welcome to my Blog!

My name is Benny Akbar. I was born in the beautiful city, Bandung, Indonesia and currently live in Bali.I have a great passion for everything and anything that has to do with design.

I graduated in Communication management at UNISBA and initially worked as a graphic designer doing some design work at els. Since then my passion for design has increased each day. Design is my world and I don’t  intend to leave it. I do not have formal training in design. I started to dwell into the world of design in the year 2007 and I’m 100% self-taught

In 2010 I left Bandung and went to Bali, where I stayed for 1 years working at pcMax Apple Premium Reseller. There I worked as a Graphic Designer and also started my freelancing design at logo tournament.

This blog is my first attempt to express myself on the web. Here, I’ll cover most of the subjects I’m interested in: design, art, web, photography, illustration and some random thoughts about… well anything that comes to my head.

I hope you enjoy my website, comments are always welcome!


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