recent work

this sticker is attached in every product of pcMax so the consumen who buy  the pcMax product will aware of pcMax social network addresses

this iPhone 4 design was published at Bali Post in march 2011

“sunday fun day” promo offering discount only in a sunday, it was held for 30 days

and heres are X-Banner that display in every outlet pcMax stores that spread in Bali area

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Speaker Promo

“unforgetable moment with pcMax and iStore” promo

iPhone 4 XL Bundling

“Buy & Get” Special Offer for every purchased of MacBook Pro

“Extreme Offer Special Weekend” a speaker special promo

On Site Portfolio

iPod nano X-banner

iPhone X-banner

Harman Kardon & JBL  X-banner

iPhone 4 12 month installment power by Mandiri x-Banner

unforgetable moment with pcMax and iStore x-Banner

“pcMax neon box iTouch”

“pcMax neon Box iPhone 4”

“pcMax neon Box MacBook Pro”

iPhone 4

airport extreme promo

iphone4 xl bundling

fun coloring with pcMax

the new iMac


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